About 91Ƶ

About 91Ƶ
The 91Ƶ (91Ƶ) is an international school founded in 2006. We are a private school with an international accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC /), based in California, USA. There are three divisions at 91Ƶ Pre-School, Elementary and Secondary School.

The curriculum at the 91Ƶ is an adapted North American Curriculum based on the Common Core standards of the United States. We hire professional teachers from around the world who have extensive knowledge and expertise in their specialist field.

School Location

Zaisan Area, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

year that 91Ƶ was founded


Number of students enrolled that first year


Managing Director of the school

Ms. Oyunsuren Dugarjav

Elementary School Principal

Ms. Joanne Effa

Secondary School Principal

Mr. Tom Kaualoku

Total Number of Students

Elementary School 440
Secondary School 380

Full time faculty


Sports Team Name